101 Years of Broadway
1964 The Tribute
1998 Tribute Show
2019 Coral Sky Amphitheatre Season Tickets
2019 HS A Cappella NW Semifinal
2019 ICC A Cappella NW Quarterfinals
2019 ICC A Cappella NW Semifinals
2019 New Year's Eve Bash
27th Annual Songs of Freedom - Bob Marley Remembered
2nd Annual KeepItLitmas
3 Divas, 16 Grammys, 1 Voice - A Tribute To Whitney, Celine and Shania
40 Oz To Freedom
49th Bi-Annual Songwriter's Open Mic Shootout
4NR Foreigner Tribute
4th Annual New Year's Eve Dance!
5th Annual Bay Area Harmonica Convergence
6IX Tapes - Drake Tribute
7 Bridges - The Ultimate Eagles Tribute
70s Funk New Years Eve: Diggin Dirt
'84 - A Van Halen Tribute
'84 - Van Halen Tribute
88 Keys
8th Annual Budding Rose Concert - Public Performance
8th Annual Budding Rose Concert - Student Performance
90's Alternative Sing Along
90's Dance Night: DJ Rugged One
90's Nite
90's Throwback Party
93.7 The Bull's Santa Jam Benefitting Youth In Need
95x-Mas Pajama Jam: The Dirty Heads, Flora Cash & Donna Missal
A Bowie Celebration
A Celebration of Tom Petty
A Celtic Family Christmas: Natalie MacMaster & Donnell Leahy
A Christmas Sheryl - A Tribute to Sheryl Crow
A DJ Tribute to The Purple One and The King of Pop
A Gospel and Soul Celebration of Aretha Franklin
A Grand Night For Singing
A Hard Night's Day - Beatles Tribute
A Marvelous Night: The Music of Van Morrison
A Message From The People Revisited – Tribute To Ray Charles
A Million Dollar Christmas - Tribute to Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis & Johnny Cash
A Moveable Feast: Paris In The '20s
A Special Tribute to The Last Waltz
A Tribute to Erykah Badu
A Tribute To The Clash
A Tribute To The Coasters, The Platters & The Drifters
A Tribute to The Coasters,The Platters & The Drifters
A Tribute To The King - Elvis Tribute
Aaron Lazar
Abba Magic!
ABBA Mania
ABBA Revisited
Abba The Concert
Abba The Concert - A Tribute to Abba
Abba Tribute Band
Abbacadabra - The Ultimate Abba Tribute
Abbafab - A Celebration of Abba
ABBAmania - A Tribute to ABBA
ABC Death Release Show
AC Miles
Academy Of St. Martin In The Fields
Academy Of St. Martin In The Fields & Jeremy Denk
Afterimage - Rush Tribute
Against The Wind - Bob Seeger Tribute
Alan Iglesias
Alan Jackson & Garth Brooks Tribute
Alex Skolnick Trio
Ali Siddiq
Alive '75 - A Tribute to Kiss
Alive! '75
All Access NYE 2K19
All Star Tribute to Alanis Morisette
All The Divas
Allman Brothers for Kids
Allman Brothers for Kids!
Allstar Tribute to Paul Simon
Almost AHBA - Tribute to ABBA
Almost Queen
Almost Queen - Queen Tribute
Already Gone - Eagles Tribute
Always ABBA
Amanda Grace Rayne Angel Release Show
Amazing Johnathan
American English - Beatles Tribute
American Music Icons
An Evening of A Capella
An Unforgettable Nat King Cole Christmas
Angelica - Musician
Angry Chair - Alice In Chains Tribute, Jones McShine, We As A Species
Anthem - Classic Rock & Beyond!
Aphrodite & M Pyre
Appetite For Deception
Apple Jam: White Album 50th Anniversary Celebration
Arch Allies
Arrival From Sweden: The Music of Abba
Arrival: The Music of Abba
Ashes To Stardust - David Bowie Tribute
ATL Collective: A Tribute To Stevie Wonder
Bach to Rock
Back 2 Back - Billy Joel & Elton John Tribute
Back In Black
Back N Black: AC/DC Tribute Band
Back to Back to Black - Amy Winehouse Tribute
Back to The 90s New Years Eve Party
Backstreet Boys vs. NSYNC Tribute Holiday Party: DJ Raj Smoove
Bad Girls - The Divas of Disco
Bae Bae K-Pop Dance Party
Band of Friends - A Celebration of Rory Gallagher
Band Roulette
BandHouse Gigs - Tribute To XTC
Barker Road & State of Uncertainty
Battery - A Tribute to Metallica
Battle Of The Bands
Battle of the Big Bands
Bayou Classic Battle Of The Bands
Beach Boys Tribute
Beach Rock Music & Sports NYE Bash
Bear vs. Shark
Bearracuda Seattle
Beat-lele - Tribute to The Beatles
BeatleMania Now
Beatles Before America
Beatles for Kids!
Beatles Revisited
Beatles vs. Stones
Beatles vs. Stones - A Musical Showdown
Beau Bolero - Tribute to Steely Dan
Bee Gees Gold - A Tribute to The Bee Gees
Bee Gee's Gold - A Tribute to The Bee Gees
Bee Gees Tribute
Beggars Banquet - Tribute to The Rolling Stones
Bella Cain
Bella Gaia
Ben De La Cour
Ben Nordstrom & Steve Neale - The Music of Billy Joel and Elton John
Beru Revue Thanksgiving Show
Best of The Eagles
Bethel Music Heaven Come Conference
Big 4 Tribute - Motorbreath, War Ensemble, Youthanasia, Among The Living
Big Eyed Phish
Bigger Than Elvis
Billy Joel Tribute
Black Cat New Year's Eve Ball 2018
Black Jacket Symphony
Black Jacket Symphony: An Evening with Queen - A Night at The Opera
Black Jacket Symphony: Journey's Escape
Black Jacket Symphony: Queen's A Night At The Opera
Black Jacket Symphony: Talking Heads' Stop Making Sense
Black Jacket Symphony: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Black Jacket Symphony: Tom Petty's Damn The Torpedoes
Black Out: The Artist Showcase
Black Sabbath Lives
Bless the Rains - Toto Tribute
Blonder Than Hell
Blue Water Highway - Tribute To The Band
Blues Brothers Revue
Boat House Row - Yacht Rock Tribute
Bobfest - The Bob Dylan Birthday Bash
Bohemian Rhapsody - Celebrating The Music of Queen
Boston Bhangra
Boston Music Awards
BowieLive - David Bowie Tribute
BowieVision: The Ultimate David Bowie Tribute
Boy Band Night
Boy Named Banjo
Breakthru Entertainment
Breakthru Entertainment: Alternative Citizens Backyard Bash
Bring On The Night - A Tribute to The Police
Brit Floyd
Britbeat - Beatles Tribute
Broadway In Concert
Broadway Legacy Concert - A Tribute To Jerry Herman
Broadway Sings John Legend
Broken Arrow
Broken Arrow - Tribute to Neil Young
Brooklynite Choir
Brownies & Lemonade
Brownies & Lemonade Lounge NYE
Bruce In The U.S.A.
Bruce in the USA
Bruce Springsteen Tribute
Byrds of A Feather - Tribute to Gene Clark & Gram Parsons
Caldwell Traditional Musicians Showcase
Call of the Wild
Candi Pop - A Bubblegum Pop Dance Party
Candi Pop Dance Party
Canned Heat
Can't Stop The House Concert & Dance Party
Caravanserai - Santana Tribute
Cash - Johnny Cash Tribute
Cash and King
Cash Is King - Tribute to Johnny Cash
Cash Unchained - A Tribute to Johnny Cash
Cash'd Out
Cast Of Beatlemania
CD Release & Listening Series
Celebrate New Year's Eve: The Bridge
Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Electric Sun and Tokyo Tapes
Changes In Latitudes - Jimmy Buffett Tribute
Charles Protege
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Chase & Ovation - Prince Tribute Band
Cheer The F**K Up An OK Chorale Pop Song Singalong
Cher and Tom Jones Tribute
Chicago Rewired - A Tribute to Chicago
Chicago Sanitarium
Chicago The Tribute
CHILL: The Entire Charlie Brown Christmas Soundtrack - Played Live and Danced
ChillFam Allstars - A Tribute to Michael Jackson
Choir! Choir! Choir!
Chris Boerner Residency - Ornette Coleman Tribute
Chris Boerner Residency - Thelonious Monk Tribute
Chris Macdonald's Memories Of Elvis
Christine and the Queens
Christmas with Sal Valentinetti
Christmas With The Nelsons
Church and State - Tribute to Aretha Franklin
Cirque Saturdays
Citizen Dan - Steely Dan Tribute
Classic Albums
Classic Albums Live Tribute Show: AC/DC - Back In Black
Classic Albums Live Tribute Show: Creedence Clearwater Revival
Classic Albums Live Tribute Show: Elton John's Greatest Hits
Classic Albums Live Tribute Show: Fleetwood Mac - Rumours
Classic Albums Live Tribute Show: Led Zeppelin - Houses of The Holy
Classic Albums Live Tribute Show: Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin I
Classic Albums Live Tribute Show: Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV
Classic Albums Live Tribute Show: Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
Classic Albums Live Tribute Show: Prince - Purple Rain
Classic Albums Live Tribute Show: Queen - A Night at the Opera
Classic Albums Live Tribute Show: Supertramp - Breakfast In America
Classic Albums Live Tribute Show: Supertramp - Crime Of The Century
Classic Albums Live Tribute Show: The Band - Last Waltz
Classic Albums Live Tribute Show: The Beatles - Abbey Road
Classic Albums Live Tribute Show: The Eagles - Hotel California
Classic Albums Live: Creedence Clearwater Revival
Classic Deep Purple Live: Glenn Hughes
Classic Lightfoot - Gordon Lightfoot Tribute
Classic Nashville Roadshow
Close To You: The Music of The Carpenters
Club 90s
C'Mon Get Happy - A Tribute to David Cassidy
Coast 2 Coast Live Interactive Showcase
Cody Ray Slaughter
Collage: A Holiday Spectacular
Come Together: The Beatles Concert Experience
Como La Flor - Tribute To Selena
Comrades & Nomads
Concert With The Stars
Control for Smilers - Tribute to Phish
Corazon De Mana - Tribute to Mana
Corazon Espinado - Tributes To Mana & Santana
Cornerstones of Rock
Costume Prom
Cover To Cover: Queen Nation - Tribute To The Music of Queen
Crazy Babies - Ozzy Osbourne Tribute
Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne Tribute
Creole Stomp
Croce Plays Croce
Crossgenre Things
CTA Spring Show
CTA Stage II
CTA Summer Stage
D.A.N.C.E. Austin Edition: LCD Soundsystem vs. Daft Punk
Daisy Dillman
Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase
Damaged Justice - Metallica Tribute
Damien Sneed - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Tribute
Damn The Torpedoes - Tom Petty Tribute
Damnit - A Tribute To Blink 182
Dana Fuchs
Dance in Concert
Dance Into the Light
Dance Yourself Clean
Daniel Donato - Bluegrass Grateful Dead Tribute
Dark Desert Eagles - Eagles Tribute
Dark Horse
Darling Nikki - A Tribute to Prince
Dave Matthews Tribute Band
David Foster
David Foster & The Kravis Center Pops Orchestra
David Hayes and His Band
Day Tripper - The Beatles Experience
DCDC Golden Anniversary Gala Concert
De Frank Sinatra a Michael Buble
Deacon Blues
Dead Larry
Dead Man's Party
Dead Mans Party - Oingo Boingo Tribute Band
Dead On Live
Dead On Live - Grateful Dead Tribute
Dean Falcone's Annual Thanksgiving Vomitorium
Dean Z: The Ultimate Elvis
Dearling - Tribute to Fleetwood Mac New Year's Eve Party
Decades Rewind
December '63 - A Tribute to the Original Jersey Boy
Deep Banana Blackout
Deft Ones - Deftones Tribute
Departure - Journey Tribute Band
Depeche Mode Nite
Des Bishop
Desert Highway - A Tribute to The Eagles
Destination Freedom: Black Radio Days - Donnie L. Betts
Diamond - A Neil Diamond Tribute
Diamond Dave - Tribute to Neil Diamond
Dimenation - Pantera Tribute
Direct from Las Vegas
Direct From Las Vegas: Gary Anthony's A Salute To Sinatra
Disco Love - A Tribute to Donna Summer & Barry White
DJ Jason Heller
DJ Jerzy
DJ Jose Maldonado
DJ Spinna & J.Rocc
Django A Gogo 2019 - Django Reingardt Tribute
Doktor Kaboom! And The Wheel of Science
Done Dirt Cheap - AC/DC Tribute
Donna Summer Tribute Disco Concert & Dance Party
Doo Wop Show
Doom Side of the Moon
Double Door Inn
Dr. MLK Jr. Celebration: CeCe Winans, Anthony Brown & JJ Hairston
Dr. Zarr's Amazing Funk Monster
Drake Nite
DSB - Journey Tribute
DSB - Journey Tribute Band
Dwayne Gretzky
Dweezil Zappa Guitar Masterclass
E5C4P3 - Journey Tribute
Eaglemania - Tribute To The Eagles
Eagles Tribute
Echoes of Pompeii - Pink Floyd Tribute
Eclipse - A Tribute To Journey
El Dusty's Tropicoso: NYE
El Monstero - A Tribute to Pink Floyd
Electric Avenue
Elton & Billy - The Tribute
Elton John Tribute
Elton Rohn
Elvis Bash
Elvis Birthday Tribute
Elvis Tribute
Elvis Tribute Artist Spectacular
Elvis Tribute Artist Spectacular: Shawn Klush & Cody Ray Slaughter
Elvis Tribute Spectacular
Elvis: A Christmas Special
Emmy Law, Fields & The Twotakes
Emo Night Austin
Emo Night Baltimore
Emo Night Brooklyn
Emo Nite Omaha
EMO Trap Night: Lil Peep Tribute
End of Autumn Talent Show
End of The Weak
Enrage Against the Machine - Tribute Band
Enter the Prism: Dimond Saints, The Librarian & Anna Morgan
Entre Vous Et Nous
Epic Evolve - The Decades Show
Erma Bombeck
Etc - School of Musical Arts
Euphoria Mourning - Chris Cornell Tribute
Evan & Zane
Everly Brothers Tribute
Experience Hendrix
Extortionist & Distinguisher
Eyes of the Nile - Iron Maiden Tribute
Fabulous Armadillos
Fabulous Armadillos - Eagles Tribute
Face 2 Face: Billy Joel & Elton John Tribute
Faces Tribute
Fade to Black - A Tribute to Metallica
Fallen Angel - Poison Tribute
Fan Halen
Fast Lane - A Tribute to The Eagles
Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras Party
Feel The Love - Celebrating A B.E. Taylor Christmas
Feelin' Good - A Tribute To Michael Buble
Ferry Corsten
Find Your Muse Open Mic: Aaron Lawrence (My Blue Hope)
Find Your Muse Open Mic: American Opera
Find Your Muse Open Mic: Justin Kennedy Band
Find Your Muse Open Mic: Sarah Burton
Find Your Muse Open Mic: Scott Cook
Fingerstripes EP Release
First Snow - Trans Siberian Orchestra Tribute
Flannel Fest: Washed in Black, Nevermind & Stargazer
Flash Chorus
Fleetwood Mac Tribute
Fleetwood Mask
Fleetwood Mask - Fleetwood Mac Tribute
Florida Blue Battle of The Bands
Floyd - A Pink Floyd Tribute
Fluff and Gravy Holiday Party
Foreigners Journey
Foreigners Journey - Tribute to Journey & Foreigner
Forever 27
Forever Freestyle 13
Forever Gentlemen
Frank LaSpina
Frank Muffin - The Wall Tribute
Frank Sinatra's Birthday Celebration
Franks & Deans
Free Fallin - Tom Petty Tribute
Fresh Voices: An Evening Of Theatre
Frogleg New Years Eve
From the Farm
Full Moon Fever
Full Send: Thank You for Sending
Fully Completely Hip - Tragically Hip Tribute
Funk You
Galactic Empire - Tribute to Star Wars
Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience
Garcia Birthday Band
Garth Brooks Tribute
GayC/DC - All Gay Tribute to AC/DC
Generation Crooners
Generation Idol - Billy Idol Tribute
Get Happy: Angela Ingersoll Sings Judy Garland
Get the Led Out
Get the Led Out - Tribute Band
Get The Led Out - Tribute to Led Zeppelin
Get Well Fridays
Good To Be King - A Tribute To Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Good To Be King - The Jesters' Celebration of Tom Petty
Got Life - The Music of Nina Simone
Green Dazed - Green Day Tribute
Green Leaf Rustlers - Gene Clark Tribute
Growing Mindz Talent Showcase
Grunge Fest: Tributes to Pearl Jam & Stone Temple Pilots
Guidance Band - A Tribute to Bob Marley
Gunpowder & Lead - Miranda Lambert Tribute
Hairbanger's Ball
Hammer of the Gods - The Led Zeppelin Experience
Hank Williams Tribute
Happy Birthday Frank! Second Annual Sinatra Celebration
Hawaii Music Showcase
Hawaii Symphony Orchestra - The Beatles Tribute
Hawaii Symphony Orchestra: MusicthatPops6 - Tribute to Broadway
Hazel Gaze Album Release Party
Hazy Holidaze Winter Ball and Brunch
Head Games - Foreigner Tribute
Heart by Heart - A Heart Tribute Band
Hell of a Night
Hello Gorgeous - A Tribute to Barbara Streisand
Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow
Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow Revue
High Noon - A Tribute To Lynyrd Skynyrd & Southern Rock
High South Band
Holiday Party - The Music of Phish For Kids
Hollywood Nights
Hollywood Revisited - Salute To The Golden Age of Tinseltown
Hollywood Roses - Guns N' Roses Tribute
Hollywood U2 - U2 Tribute
Home Again - A Tribute to the Music of Carole King
Honoring Bessie Smith - The Empress of Blues
Hooray for Love! : A Celebration of Love in Song
Hop Along
Hops & Harmony
Hot at Nights Holiday Party
Hot In Herre: 2000s Dance Party
Hotel California
Hotel California - A Tribute to The Eagles
Hotel California - A Tribute to The Eagles & Columbus Symphony Orchestra
Hotel Desperado - Eagles Tribute
How The Moon Stole Christmas
Humble Pie
I Am King - The Michael Jackson Experience
I Am, He Said - A Celebration Of The Music Of Neil Diamond
ICON 2018 Finals
ICON 2018 Semifinals
Idol X - Tribute to Billy Idol
Illeagles - Tribute To The Eagles
Illinois Bicentennial Celebration
Imposters In Effect
In The Light of Led Zeppelin - Tribute Band
Interstellar Echoes - Pink Floyd Tribute
Invincible: A Tribute to Michael Jackson
J Dilla's Donuts
Jade Jones, Ines Nassara & Awa Sal Secka
James Brown Dance Party
Jay White as Neil Diamond
Jeans n Classics - The Music of The Brill Building
Jeans n Classics - The Music of The Who
Jelly Bears & Evolution
Jenny Besetzt, Al Riggs & Two Youths Luxe Posh
Jeremy Jordan
Jeremy's Ten - Pearl Jam Tribute
Jerry's Middle Finger
Jerusalem In My Heart
Jim Curry
Jim Curry - John Denver Tribute
Jim Parker's Songwriters Series
Jim Witter's Still Rock and Roll To Me
Jimi Hendrix Remembered – Rock, Jazz, Blues & Beyond
John Denver's Rocky Mountain Christmas
John Mueller's Winter Dance Party
John Nolan
Johnny Cash - Neil Diamond Holiday Tribute
Jon Thrasher's Birthday Bash
Journey & Bon Jovi Tribute
Journeyman - A Tribute To Eric Clapton
Journeyman - Eric Clapton Tribute
Journeyman - Tribute To Eric Clapton
Joy To The World
Joy To The World: Bob Thompson & Paula Cole
Joyride & Shred Zeppelin
Judas Priestess
Judas Priestess - All Female Tribute to Judas Priest
Jump, Jive & Wail
Just Fine - Mary J. Blige Tribute Band
Karla Davis
Karla Perez - Tribute to Selena
Kashmir - The Led Zeppelin Experience
Kashmir - The Led Zeppelin Experience & Too Bad Company
Kashmir - The Led Zeppelin Show
Kawika Kahiapo
Keats & Co. - Grateful Dead Tribute
Kenya Hall - Stevie Wonder Tribute Night
Kerry Pastine & The Crime Scene
Kick - INXS Tribute
Kick - The INXS Experience
Kid Hop Hooray! Wintertime Indoor Dance Party
Killer Queen
Kim Jordan - Musical Tribute To Gil Scott-Heron
King Of Pop - The Michael Jackson Experience
Kiss the Sky & Heavy Cream
Kissed Alive - A Tribute to KISS
KISSm - Kiss Tribute Band
La Doble Moral
Landslide - Tribute to Fleetwood Mac
Laradise Music Showcase
Lateralus - The Ultimate Tool Tribute
Laurel Canyon Tribute
Lavola - Radiohead Tribute Show
Le Cure
Lea Salonga
LEAP: The Human Kindness Project
Led Zepagain
Led Zepagain - Led Zeppelin Tribute
Led Zepagain - Tribute To Led Zepplin
Led Zeppelin 2 - Tribute Band
Ledfoote - Tribute to Led Zeppelin
Legends In Concert
Legends In Concert - Holiday Show
Legends Of Motown Tribute
Lets Go Crazy - Prince & Michael Jackson Tribute
Lez Zeppelin
Lez Zeppelin - Tribue Band
Lez Zeppelin - Tribute Band
Lights Out - Tribute to Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
Like A Road Leading Home - Celebrating Jerry Garcia
Limberlost Video Release Party
Limelight - A Tribute To Rush
Linda Ronstadt Tribute
Lisa Layne - A Christmas Tribute To Patsy Cline
Live and Let Die - A Tribute to Paul McCartney
Live and Let Die - Paul McCartney Tribute
Live At The Fillmore - Tribute to The Allman Brothers
Live From Laurel Canyon
Live In Central Park Revisited: Simon & Garfunkel
Local Author Showcase
Local Sunday Matinee
Lonesome Traveler
Lou Dog - Tribute to Sublime
Lou Nelson As Tom Jones
Love Is A Rose - A Tribute To Linda Ronstadt
Love Legacy
LoveDrive - Tribute to Scorpions
Loyola Music Industry Showcase
Lullabies to Paralyze - Tribute to Queens of The Stone Age
Lynne Fiddmont
Lyrics & Liquor: Monnie Man
Mac Sabbath
Macy Gray New Years Eve
Madmen Across The Water
Magnolia Applebottom
Maiden Voyage - Iron Maiden Tribute Band & Sabbaths Disciples
Marc Martel - Queen Tribute
Mardi Gras In New Orleans
Marigold - Foo Fighters Tribute
Martin Levac
Martin O
Martini Pop
Material Girls - A Tribute To Madonna And Cher
Matt Mauser and The Sinatra Big Band
Matthew Nelson & Gunnar Nelson
Maurissa Rose - The Phyllis Hyman Story
Memphis Motown
Memphis Tribute To Allman Bros
Metal Shop: Cover Girl & Breast Cancer Can Stick It Band
Metalachi -Tribute of a Down
Michael Jackson Tribute Concert
Mick & The Stones - Rolling Stones Tribute
Mick Sterling - A Night of Ray Charles
Mick Sterling: At Christmas
Mid Life Crisis
Midnite Communion
Mike Albert’s Elvis Gospel Show
Mike Girard
Mike Girard's Big Swinging Thing
Mike Lewis - Tribute To Frank Sinatra
Mike Lewis & Friends Big Band - A Frank Sinatra Holiday
Minas Quintet - A Tribute to Jobim and Cole Porter
Mirage - A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac & Dog N Butterfly - A Tribute Heart
Miss Lavelle's Dance Party & Potluck
Mistletoe Mayhem
MJ Live
MJ Live - Michael Jackson Tribute
Moody Blues Tribute
Moondance - Van Morrison Tribute
Moot Point
Morgan's Journey
Motor City Live - A Motown Tribute
Motown Nation
Motown With A Twist
Mourning Market
Moving In Stereo - Cars Tribute
Mr. Crowley - Ozzy Ozbourne Tribute
Mr. Speed & Shot of Poison - Tribute to Poison
Mud Slide Slim - The Music of James Taylor & Carole King
Munster's Got Talent
Muriel Anderson
Musehead - Radiohead & Muse Tribute
Music Aura Show
Music Makers Workshop Panel
Music Of Led Zeppelin
Music of The Eagles & Steely Dan
Music Of The Knights
Natural Wonder - Stevie Wonder Experience
Natural Wonder - Tribute to Stevie Wonder
Natural Wonder -The Ultimate Stevie Wonder Experience
Neil Diamond Tribute
Never Stop Believin' - A Tribute to Journey
New Sensation - Tribute to INXS
New Year's Eve 2018
New Year's Eve Ball
New Years Eve Bash
New Year's Eve Resolution Ball
New Year's Eve Rewind: The Reflex
New Year's Eve Yacht Party - Los Angeles
New Year's Eve: DSB - Journey Tribute
New Year's Eve: Next Movement
New Year's Eve: Wonder Bread 5
New Years Evil 11: Twiztid, Emmure & Alla Xul Elu
New Year's Party with a Purpose
New Year's Rockin Eve Bash
Newmyer Flyer - Janis Joplin & Jimi Hendrix Tribute
NFSO- Stars of Tomorrow
Night Light
Night of the Blue Swan IV
Nightrain - Guns N Roses Tribute
Nikki Torres
Nirvanna - Tribute to Nirvana
Nivrana - Tribute to Nirvana
No Duh - Pearl Jam Tribute
No Quarter - A Tribute to the Led Zeppelin Legacy
No Quarter - Led Zeppelin Tribute
No Quarter - The Tribute to Led Zeppelin's Legacy
Noise Pollution - AC/DC Tribute
NSAI Songwriter Series
NYE 2019 Masquerade
NYE Live! Philadelphia
Off With Your Radiohead
Oh What A Night - Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons Tribute
Oh What A Night! A Musical Tribute To Frankie Valli And The Four Seasons
Okilly Dokilly
Old School Reggae Hip Hop
Omaha Symphony: Ernest Richardson - Tribute to George Michael
On the Border - The Eagles Tribute Band
One Hot Night - A Tribute to Neil Diamond
One More From The Road - Tribute to Lynrd Skynrd
One Night In Memphis
One Night of Queen
ONE: The Only Tribute to Metallica
Opiate - Tool Tribute
Ornament - Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tribute
Out On The Tiles - A Tribute To Led Zeppelin
Over the Rainbow - Tribute to Howard Arlen
Ozz - Tribute to Ozzy Osbourne
Pancakes & Booze
Parker Gispert
Parker Gispert of The Whigs
Pat Time Punks 80s vs. 90s Dance Nite
Pat Time Punks New Year's Eve Party
Peace Frog - A Tribute To The Doors
Peace Frog - Tribute To The Doors
Pearie Sol
Persuasion - Band
Peter Bradley Adams & Caitlin Canty
Petty Theft - Tom Petty Tribute
Petty Theft - Tom Petty Tribute Band
Phish for Kids!
Physics for Listeners
Piano Men - A Tribute to Elton John & Billy Joel
Pig Floyd - Pink Floyd Tribute Band
Pink Droyd - A Tribute to Pink Floyd
Pink Talking Fish - A Tribute to Pink Floyd, The Talking Heads & Phish
PJ Morgan
Play That Funky Music
Poetry Smash #2
Poetry Smash #3
Poetry Smash #4
Poetry Smash #5
Poetry Smash #6
Poetry Smash #7
Poetry Smash #8
Poison Waters
Polish Splendor
Pop! Go the Locals! 3
Porky's Groove Machine & Fondude
Post-Traumatic Funk Syndrome
Power 88 New Year's Eve
Praise Experience: Femi Ogebule
Prince Project - Prince Tribute
Pro Jam Music
Project Pink
Project/Object - The Music of Frank Zappa
Provoast Christmas Kick Off
Puddles Pity Party
Purdue Varsity Glee Club
Purple Madness - Prince Tribute
Purple Masquerade - Prince Tribute Band
Q Parker
Queen Nation - A Tribute To Queen
Queen Nation - A Tribute to the Music of Queen
Queer Dance Party
R&B Only
Rain - A Tribute to The Beatles
Rain - Tribute to The Beatles
Ramble On - Led Zeppelin Tribute
Rasheed Phillips
RAW - Tribute to the Lowrider Band
Recaptured - Tribute To Journey
Re-Cure - A Tribute To The Cure
Red Not Chili Peppers
Red Rocks Local Set Dinner
Red Rocks Local Set Dinner: Float Like A Buffalo & Many Mountains
Red Rocks Local Set Dinner: Venture Stll & J.J Beavauis
Reel Rock Film Tour
Remember Jones
Remember Patsy Cline
Remembering Bobby Vee
Respect - Tribute to Aretha Franklin
Resurrection - Journey Tribute
REV909 - Daft Punk Tribute
Revolver Rock - A Tribute to Shakira
Richie Hawtin
Rick Alviti - Elvis Tribute
Ride the Lightning - Metallica Tribute
Rih Rih: Di Bad Gyal Dancehall Party
Riley Knoxx
Rise Against The Machine - A Tribute To Rage Against The Machine
Rise of the Locals V
Rise Up - Hamilton Tribute
River City Brass: Take The A Train
River City Brass: Take The A Train Tickets
Rob Bell
Roby Lakatos Ensemble
Rock and Roll All Night Tribute Show: Mr. Speed & Shot of Poison
Rock Story
Rocket City Christmas: Shawn Klush & Cody Ray Slaughter
Rocky Mountain Christmas - Tribute to John Denver
Roger's Tom Jones and The Motown Blossoms
Rokken Dokken & MX4
Ron Rich: Rocky Mountain Memories - John Denver Tribute
Rosetta - A Tribute to Tool
Roy Orbison
Roy Orbison - In Dreams
Roy Orbison & The Everly Brothers - Reimagined
Royal Distortion
Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo
Rubix Kube
Rumours - A Fleetwood Mac Tribute
Rumours STL - A Fleetwood Mac Tribute
Runaway Gin
Runaway Gin - Phish Tribute
Runnin Down A Dream - A Tribute to Tom Petty
Rush Tribute Project
Russian Superstars' New Year
Ryan Pelton
Sabotage - Tribute To The Beastie Boys
Sail On - Beach Boys Tribute
Sak Pase?
Sal Valentinetti
Salute To Vienna New Year's Concert
Sammy: Celebrate The Legacy
Sanctuary - Iron Maiden Tribute
Sander Van Doorn
Sandy Hackett's Rat Pack
Sandy Hackett's Rat Pack Show
Santa Hat & Ugly Sweater Party
Satchmo - Tribute to Louis Armstrong
Satisfaction - Rolling Stones Tribute
Saturday Night Disco Fever: Evelyn King,Thelma Houston, Alfa, Luci & Norma Jean Wright
Saturday Night Special
Saturdays at Highline Ballroom
Savage Amusement - Scorpions Tribute
Saved By The 90s
Saved By The 90's
Schism - A Tribute To Tool
School of Rock East Cobb Winter Event
Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox
Sean Canan's Voodoo Players - Tribute to The Talking Heads
Seattle Rising - A Tribute to Grunge & Alt-Rock
Seattle's Tribute To The Last Waltz
Sedated - The Ramones Tribute
Sha Na Na Rockin X-Mas
Shana Bousard & Brian Runbeck Duet: Where Is Love?
Shania Twin - Shania Twain Tribute Band
Shania Twin - Tribute Show
Shawn Barker - A Tribute To Johnny Cash
Shining Star - Earth, Wind & Fire Tribute
Shoot To Thrill - AC/DC Tribute Band
Shot of Poison - Tribute to Poison
Shotgun Rider
Shred For Dime - Annual Tribute Show
Silent Night, Holy Diver! - Dio Tribute
Sin City KISS - Tribute to KISS
Sin Salida
Sinatra & Company - That Holiday Feeling
Sixteen Candles
Skid Roses
Skydog - Tribute to the Allman Brothers Band
Skyview & Gov Club
Slippery When Wet - The Ultimate Bon Jovi Tribute
Smells Like Dave Grohl & BadMotorfingers
Smells Like Nirvana - Nirvana Tribute
SNAP! 90s Dance Party
So Far Gone
Somewhat Petty - Tom Petty Tribute Band
Soul Sound Revue Dance Party
Sounds of Frank
Sounds of Soul - Tribute to Motown
Southbound - Allman Brothers Tribute
Southern Accents
Southern Accents - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Tribute
Southern Accents - Tom Petty Tribute
Southern Door Grades 5-6 Spring Concert
Southern Door Grades 7-8 Spring Concert
Southern Door Grades K-4 Spring Concert
Southern Door High School Pops Concert
Southern Door High School Spring Concert
Southern Door High School Winter Band Concert
Southern Door High School Winter Choir Concert
Southern Door's Got Talent
Space Oddity
Spicy Jsus
Splintered Sunlight
Spring Doo-Wop Cavalcade
Squeeze Box Arizona: Super Dance Fest
Stairway To Zeppelin
Start Making Sense
Start Making Sense - Talking Heads Tribute
States United - Re-Membering
Stayin' Alive - A Salute to the Music of The Bee Gees
Steal Your Peach Band
Steely Dane
Steeve Diamond Experience
Step Jam 2018
Stevie Nicks Illusion - Tribute to Stevie Nicks & Fleetwood Mac
Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute
Stone in Love - Journey Tribute
Straight To Hell - The Clash Tribute
Strange Magic - The Elo Experience
Strawberry Fields: A Tribute To The Beatles
Street Fighting Band - Rolling Stones Tribute
Streisand and Sinatra Holiday Show
Strictly Hip
Strictly Sinatra
Strolling Bones & Chalmers Green
Strum - The Evolution of The Guitar
Stuff You Should Know
Suggesting Rhythm
Summer of Love IX
Super Diamond
Super Diamond - The Neil Diamond Tribute
Supersonic - North America's Tribute To Oasis
Supersonic - The Oasis Tribute
Surfin' - Beach Boys Tribute
Surfin Safari
Sutton Foster
Swinging on a Star - A Tribute to Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters
Taggart: Live Band Karaoke
Take It Easy - The Story of The Eagles
Take Me Out - 2000's Indie Dance Party
Take Out
Tapestry - A Tribute Carole King
Tapestry - A Tribute To Carole King
Tapestry Unraveled: The Complete Carole King Album - Michelle Johnson
Taylor Mac
Ted Vigil - John Denver Tribute
Terrapin - Grateful Dead Tribute & Soulshine - Allman Brothers Experience
Texas Flood
Thankful For Grunge
The 13th Annual Bearracuda New Years Eve!
The 27 Club
The 37th Annual Austin Music Awards
The Allman Family Revival
The Aluminum Show
The Art of Time Ensemble
The Art of Time Ensemble: To All A Good Night
The Australian Bee Gees
The Barricade Boys
The Beatles' White Album: The 50th Anniversary Show
The Beetles
The Best of the Eagles
The Black Box 2 Year Anniversary
The Brooklyn Bridge - A Tribute to Johnny Maestro
The Carpenters Tribute Show
The Complete Last Waltz
The Culture Showcase
The Dark Horses - George Harrison Tribute
The Diamond Project Band - A Tribute to Neil Diamond
The Dirty Doors - A Tribute to The Doors
The Doors of Chicago - The Doors Tribute
The Drifters - Tribute to The Platters
The E Street Shuffle - A Tribute to the Boss
The Edwards Twins
The Edwards Twins & Sarge
The Emo Band
The Emo Band - Live Band Emo Karaoke
The Emo Show
The Englishtown Project
The Everly Brothers Experience
The Everly Set - Tribute To The Everly Brothers
The Fab Four
The Fab Four - The Ultimate Beatles Tribute
The Fab Four - The Ultimate Tribute
The Faceless
The Four Horsemen - Tribute to Metallica
The Fred Durst Explosion - Limp Bizkit Tribute & White Pony
The Genesis Show
The Get Down - Funk, Soul, Disco and Classics!
The Golden Sounds of The Platters
The Grand Illusion - Styx Experience
The Hat Guys
The Hooten Hallers
The Inclines - Sweet Dreams of Patsy Cline
The Jason Dixon Line - An Allman Brothers Tribute
The Jersey Tenors
The John Fogerty Tribute Project
The Killer Vees - Remembering Bobby Vee
The Land of Ozz
The Last Waltz & Beyond: A Midwest Musicians Tribute to The Last Waltz
The Lawrence Arms : War On X-Mas - 3 Day Pass
The Lawrence Arms : War On X-Mas - Friday
The Lawrence Arms : War On X-Mas - Saturday
The Lawrence Arms : War On X-Mas - Thursday
The Legends Of Folk Tribute
The Lonely - A Tribute to Roy Orbison
The Lonely - Celebrating The Music of Roy Orbison
The Long Run - A Tribute to The Eagles
The Long Run - Eagles Tribute
The Machine
The Machine - Pink Floyd Tribute
The Madhatter's Ball: Down The Rabbit Hole
The McKameys
The Mint Jam
The Musial Awards
The Music of Bob Marley For Kids
The Music of Bobby Darin
The Music of Cream
The Music of David Bowie
The Music of Led Zeppelin
The Music of Phish for Kids
The Music of Sinatra: Michael Andrew
The Music of The Rolling Stones for Kids
The Music of Widespread Panic For Kids
The Musical Box
The Musical Box Tribute to Genesis
The Neil Youngs
The Nelsons
The New Blue of Yale
The Nirvana Experience
The Office Trivia Night
The Official Blues Brothers Revue
The Origin Of Love: The Songs & Stories of Hedwig
The Paramount Theater's 90th Anniversary
The Pink Floyd Wall Experience
The Prince Experience
The Prince Experience - Prince Tribute
The Prophecy - Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tribute
The Pump and Dump
The Purple Ones - Prince Tribute
The Purple Xperience
The Purple Xperience - Tribute to Prince!
The Queen of Cumbia - Tribute to Selena
The Rat Pack
The Rat Pack Is Back
The Red Hot Chilli Pipers
The Response Project
The Return - Beatles Tribute Band
The Revolution Rock Tribute
The Rising
The Royal Scam - Tribute to Steely Dan
The Schwag - Grateful Dead Tribute
The Secret Chord: A Leonard Cohen Experience
The Selena Experience
The Silo Effect Reunion & Fear of Music - Tribute To The Talking Heads
The Sixties Show
The Spirit Of Johnny Cash
The Steely Damned 2
The Stolen Faces
The Stranger - A Tribute To Billy Joel
The Studs
The Sundogs
The Sweater Songs
The Talbott Brothers
The Ten Band - Pearl Jam Tribute
The The Band Band
The Triumph of Rapunzel & The Nanny Goat
The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Spectacular
The Ultimate Garth Brooks Tribute
The Voice of Elvis - Doug Church
The Wall Live Extravaganza
The Wall Theatrical Extravaganza
The Wayward Sons
The Weeze & Jagged Little Pill
The Weight Band
The Weight Band - Music From Big Pink
The Wild Reeds
The Wildflowers - Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers Tribute
The Winehouse Experience
The Wizards Of Winter
The Zolas
Think - A Tribute to Aretha Franklin
Think Floyd USA
Think For Yourself - A Tribute to George Harrison
Three Dog Night Tribute
Thriller - Live
Thriller Live
Throwback Thursdays: The Details & The Bonaduces
Thunder Cover
Thunderhead - A Tribute To Rush
Thunderstruck - A Tribute to AC/DC
Thunderstruck - AC/DC Tribute
Ticket To Ride - Beatles Tribute
Tillie Stardust - David Bowie Tribute Spectacular
Time Loves A Hero - A Tribute To Little
Time Warp
Toast of Tulsa
Tommy Youngsteen
Tony La Stella - Tribute to Frank Sinatra
Tony Sands As Frank Sinatra
Too White Crew
Top Of The World - A Tribute to The Carpenters
Tramp Of The Century
Tramp of the Century - Tribute to Supertramp
Tramps Like Us - Bruce Springsteen Tribute
Traveller - A Chris Stapleton Tribute
Triad Has Talent!
Tribute - A Celebration of The Allman Brothers
Tribute 1964 Beatles
Tribute to Journey & Pat Benatar
Tribute to the Everly Brothers
Tributes to Rage Against The Machine, Linkin Park & Nine Inch Nails
Trilogy at The Exchange
Trippin Billies
Trippin Billies - Dave Matthews Tribute Band
Trixie Delight
Trouble Ahead - Grateful Dead Tribute Nite
True Willie - Willie Nelson Tribute Band
Turn The Page - Tribute to Bob Seger
Turnstiles - Billy Joel Tribute
Turnstiles - Billy Joel Tribute Band
Tusk - Fleetwood Mac Tribute
Tusk - Tribute To Fleetwood Mac
Twistin The Night Away - A Tribute To Broadway
Ugly Disco
Ugly Sweater Dance Party
Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain
Ultimate Elvis Champions: Dean Z & Jay Dupuis
Uncle Ebenezer - The Music of Phish for Kids
UnCovered - Tribute to Joni Mitchell & Carole King
UnCovered: Joni Mitchell & Carole King
Undiscovered Artist Showcase
Unforgettable - A Tribute to Nat King Cole
Unforgettable Fire - U2 Tribute
Unforgettable Fire & 42 - Tributes to U2 & Coldplay
Unknown Hinson
Up the Irons
Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars Tribute
Vampire Ball
Ventura Blvd - A Tribute to Tom Petty
Victory Boyd
Vintage Skynyrd - A Tribute To Skynyrd & J.Geils Band
Vinyl Junkies Record Swap
Violin River
Vocal Point
Voctave: An A Cappella
Voyage - A Journey Tribute
Walk the Line - A Tribute to Johnny Cash
Walker and Royce
Walt Sanders
Wanted - Tribute To Bon Jovi
Wanted DOA - Tribute to Bon Jovi
We Are One Tribute X-Perience Band
We Shall Overcome
Weener - Seattle's Tribute to Ween
Welch Ledbetter Connection
Werk Ethic: 80s and 90s House and Techno
We've Only Just Begun
Wham Bam Bowie Band - David Bowie Tribute Band
What's Love Got To Do With It - A Tribute to Tina Turner
What's Your Age Again: The Fresh Kids of Bel-Air
Which One's Pink
Which One's Pink - A Tribute To Pink Floyd
Whip It! All Vinyl 80s Dance Party
Whip It! All Vinyl 80's Dance Party
White Rabbit Collective
Who's Bad
Who's Bad - Michael Jackson Tribute Band
Whose Hat Is This?
Wicked Karma: Bollywood NYE
Will Brand
Wingz in the Trap
Winter Kickoff Party
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd Tribute
Wonderful Music - A Tribute to Stevie
Wood Stock 50th Anniversary Tribute
Woodstock 50th Anniversary
Word Play
Words & Music
Yachtley Crew
YesSongs - A Tribute to Yes
Yesterday and Today
York Symphony Orchestra - Tribute To David Bowie
Yule Ball: Harry and The Potters
Yule Ball: Harry and The Potters & Desmond Jones
ZBTB - Zac Brown Tribute
ZBTB - Zac Brown Tribute Band
Zep Live - Led Zeppelin Concert Experience
Zeppelin USA
Zeta12 Release: A Place Beyond Giants, Machinist & Subculture Threat
Zoso - Led Zeppelin Tribute Band
Zoso - Led Zeppelin Tribute Band - 2 Day Pass